5 Facts About Carpet Cleaning That Will Blow Your Mind

We understand that you love your carpets a lot and they even play an important role in your home and act as a filter that holds dust, dirt, and many kinds of unhealthy allergens like dead skin cells, bacteria, and insect feces. While you clean your carpets on a regular basis, they still require professional carpet cleaning treatment at least once a year.

If you have stains on your home carpet, then, you must not like it and it can become the reason for your carpet fibers to wear out faster. Carpets are for giving a soft feel to the feet and welcoming gestures in your home. But, according to professionals, with time soil settles down into the carpet fibers which makes the soft carpet acts like sandpaper. Even if you have one or two stains on your carpet, you should still do something to remove it. If you are unable to do it then, you can call or take help from a professional carpet cleaning company. So, in this article, we are going to share with you 5 facts about carpet cleaning that will blow your mind.

Cleaning Carpet
Cleaning Carpet
  1. Less is more: Using too much liquid detergent is not at all good for your carpet. It is a false belief of many people that the more they will use a carpet cleaning solution to clean their carpets, the more effective the cleaning will be. Well, no it is not true. In fact, it sets the carpet to attract new dirt as the carpet remains wet. Instead using a powdered detergent is safe for carpets and gives results as effective as liquid detergent. Soil particles are bonded to these chemicals. But they are also released and get sucked up by vacuuming.
  2. Pre-treat: Pre-treatment of carpets is a necessary step whether it is done by a professional or DIY. Pre-treatment prepares the carpet fibers to loosen up the Deep dirt and other contaminants. These particles are deep inside the carpet fibers. Bacteria or invisible grime is a part of the carpet’s environment as it deals with daily foot traffic. Therefore, pre-treatment knocks out the hidden bacteria and grime effectively from the carpets.
  3. The PH factor: The carpet cleaning requires pH tolerant carpet cleaning solutions. By checking your carpet, professionals get to know the material of your carpet. But, if you are doing a DIY project, then, it is very important that you check the type of your carpet. If you will use a carpet cleaning solution without knowing your carpet type, then, you may harm or damage your carpet permanently.
  4. Brush spots lightly: You should avoid brushing your carpets harshly if you have any spots or stains. There is a technique to clean the spots properly, you should gently brush the spots to remove them.
  5. Homemade cleaning solutions: In the old time, there were no budget-friendly professionals for carpet cleaning. But still they clean their carpets using homemade carpet cleaning solutions. Those homemade carpet cleaning solutions are very effective. You can make these with some simple home products like liquid detergent, white vinegar, and baking soda or water.


So, these are the 5 facts about carpet cleaning, which you need to know. For more carpet problems, you should call a professional for help. Contact Us Today and Make an Appointment